The Benefits of being A Stay At Home Mum

Not everyone can afford to be a stay at home mum. Yet, for some it is the most cost effective option. Being a stay at home mum can come with it’s own challenges. You feel you are letting go of fully being in control in life. Giving up your career can feel daunting, it canContinue reading “The Benefits of being A Stay At Home Mum”

Practical Baby Items You Need

Are you wondering what baby items you actually need? I felt exactly the same, before my daughter was born. Now she’s 9 months! I want to share which items were actually needed, since the newborn days. These items have made all the difference, they are essential for baby care. I found one friend out ofContinue reading “Practical Baby Items You Need”

How I Started My Blog

Since becoming a Mom I am amazed by how many hacks I have learnt. Alongside the experiences of managing as a Mom during the newborn stage, through reflux and now with weaning. I have recently decided to become a stay at home Mom and knew I needed to do something that I could enjoy. SomethingContinue reading “How I Started My Blog”