How To Be A Mindful Mum

Every mum deserves to be able to relax and enjoy life. It is common to wonder how is it possible, when life is so busy? How can you find time each day to be more mindful? As a stay at home mum myself, I have to work on this. I want to share, how I have managed to achieve this around being so busy.

Mindfulness has many benefits. Practicing being more mindful, will help you to make the most of being a Mum. Being a more revitalised mum, will not only be beneficial for yourself, but your family.

Here are some benefits:

Improvement in Sleep

Feeling happier

You will feel less stress

Helps you to pay attention to what matters.

Less depressive symptoms.

Improved Wellbeing

Improved Cognition

Do you want to know ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your life? Below are some ideas, so you can start being more mindful right away!

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Mindfulness exercises are great at getting you to practice focusing on the present moment. Mum’s usually have a lot to think about, plan and organise on a daily basis. Being overly busy, can cause us to miss out on beneficial moments. Some examples of Mindfulness activities are:

Eating something slowly and noticing the texture and taste. Embracing your senses, to be mindful of everything you experience in that moment.

Spending time observing nature. Looking at a flower and noticing the texture, colour and beauty it has. Focusing on the details of anything around you in nature, has a proven calming effect.

Be Present

Immerse yourself in the present moment. Being present will prevent you from wasting energy on thinking of the past, or worrying about the future. It will allow you to be there fully for your kids. After all, all kids need is your time and attention.

Be organised

Being organised allows you to manage your time better, making you more productive. Reducing clutter certainly does free the mind. Being organised will actually make you feel less stressed. Below are 3 simple ways to be more organised!

* Incorporate a cleaning regime into your life that works. Check out my top cleaning tips.

* Keep clothes in your house organised. Think about what you want to keep, donate or throw away. The more clothes you have, the more the laundry and wardrobe will pile up!

* Plan ahead and note up to 3 things to achieve daily. It will give you a sense of accomplishment, knowing what you need to do and then to get them done.

I love using a planner daily. It has positive power questions for the morning and evening, it helps me to have the best mindset to start and end each day. There is a guide to help you plan your day, plus you can set rewards ( like enjoying a well-deserved piece of cake) for achieving what you set out to.

I use this incredible Law of Attraction planner!

It takes you on a journey to increase your productivity and happiness throughout the year. I love the gratitude questions and aspects, they allow me to always reflect on what is important in life. There are also stickers, a section to make a vision board, life statement and a lot more. The action steps section with self care, entertainment and giving back tips, are a nice touch. I have never felt so motivated to keep using a planner. It makes such a difference to get the right planner for you!

Embrace Nature

There are so many benefits to enjoying nature. Spending time outdoors, can having a prolonged boost on your immune system. Study’s such as one from Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, found more disease fighting cells in women. The cells in these women lasted for seven days, after them being in nature. These benefits were gained after the women spent six hours, over two days around nature.

A great way to get the benefits of outdoors is mindful walking. Mindful walking can be achieved when you use your senses, to notice what is around you alongside how you are feeling. Mindfulness outdoors provides us with emotional and physical benefits.  

Watch the Moon and stars at night. Doing these simple exercises will give us a moment to slow down, enjoy the moment and recharge. Did you know that moon exposure gives the natural release of melatonin, this will aid relaxation by relieving stress and anxiety.


Simple breathing exercises such as box breathing, helps your breath to reset. It is easy to do by breathing in for 4, holding for 4 and then out for 4. Repeating at least three times, or for over 3 minutes will do the trick. This technique can make a big difference. I love how breathing exercises helps me to feel centered, which improves my focus.

Self Care

If you make time for self care regular, you will be your best self. As a mum you cannot pour from an empty cup, caring for ourselves will allow us to care for our kids effectively.

Self care will protect your well-being and you will feel happier. If you are getting stressed then the stress could keep spiralling out of control, until you take time for yourself to recharge. Make time for yourself a priority, it will pay off.

Practice positive self talk

Ignore the voice in your head, the voice that is great at making you dislike more and more things about yourself. Trust that these self doubts are not true. Focus on turning negative thoughts into positive one’s. Add more positive thinking into the mix, by reading or saying affirmations daily. It is handy to have a Pinterest board, to gather affirmations that resonate with you.

Listen to your body

Our bodies are great at helping us to realise the bigger picture. If we are mindful in paying attention to our bodies, we can be happier and healthier as a result. Anytime I am doing a job that is too stressful my heart can get palpitations and I feel physically sick, with my stomach being out of sync. Taking the time to feel what is happening within us, can help us to find needed solutions.

Simply breathing and placing your hand on your tummy while you breathe, will help connect your mind and body. Sense of touch and breath, will connect your body and mind effectively. Breathing deeply with your eyes closed, will heighten your senses in focusing on your body.

Connect with your body by breathing in deeply, holding it, before breathing out again. Use the opportunity to listen to your body. Feel where the tension is, notice how you feel within yourself and how that is shown through your body.

Learn from your kids.

Kids freely express their emotions. We can certainly learn from children. Take the time to tune into how you feel, know that it is good to express yourself. If you feel like crying, it is good to let it out.

Kids can be excitable and curious,  it is beneficial to keep that side of ourselves too. If we don’t take life so seriously, we immerse ourselves in excitement, then life will feel brighter. By being curious we keep learning, then show interest in everything around us.

Finally, kids are quick to get up after falling. If we are willing to take risks, then we can open up more opportunities for ourselves. The older we get, the more we think of potential failures, which makes trying a goal feel unworthy. If we see a goal as being more worthy, than the risk of reaching it, then either way we are living our lives more.

It will pay of to get into the habit of practicing mindfulness daily, to get used to incorporating it into your life. It will be rewarding to no longer get overwhelmed, by simply making sure you are fully present each day.

All the best with it and thanks for reading!














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