11 Super First Birthday Gifts

Are you wondering what to buy for your baby’s First birthday? Well this guide will give you useful ideas.

First check out these ‘Top Tips’ on buying first birthday gifts.

Your baby is due to go through a development change (the 55 week leap). All your baby will be interested in, is doing the things that they see you do. These things are everything from cleaning, to copying you in general. Consider this phase when buying gifts.

Your baby will be bought lots of presents from family, so there’s no need to overdo it.

Think about the long term. Is there a gift you can get, that can also be a keepsake for remembering the first birthday.

Consider using a money saving account to buy gifts. This way you will earn money on each purchase, which goes into a future account for your child.

Check out these 10 gift ideas for 1 year old’s below.

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Tea set

A tea set is a great toy to play along with your little one. Since your child is familiar with you making and enjoying drinks, this is a fun way for your child to copy you.

This tea set isn’t just fun but educational, with the cakes showing a variety of fruit and colours. I love that this gift, is also likely to be used for a few years.

Personalised bear

If you want to buy a gift that doubles up as a keepsake, a personalised bear is ideal.

My daughter adores her personalised bear and loves giving it a cuddle.

Activity table

There are various types of activity tables but this colourful jungle theme one stands out. It comes with 8 various activities, they all help with important developmental skills.

My daughter is more captivated with this wooden activity table, than her plastic musical one. The design is eye catching and beautiful. It is impressive how many activities this compact table provides.

Activity Cube Toy

A great elephant toy which has engaging activities. It has 5 sides filled with vibrant colourful activities.

It definitely keeps my daughter engaged and busy for a long time. The multiple activities all encourage development in different skills. Very helpful with developing coordination.

Stacking cups

Stacking cups are perfect for one year olds. They provide endless possibilities, with multiple ways to play. Your little one can stack them up high and place smaller cups, within the bigger cups or place things inside.

My daughter also enjoys using these cups during bath time, pouring water in and out.

Wooden vehicle set

A great set to play with on tracks you can invent and build together. A gift that will be loved and used time and time again.

These vehicles are well made and have an eye catching design. These beautiful cars make a lovely gift.

Play hoover

You can’t beat interactive gifts that also allow little ones to copy adults! This play hoover is perfect because it provides everything a 1 year old needs in a toy.

The noise and colours are so attention grabbing, it gets engaged with for a lengthy time. Lots of fun songs and phrases for your child to play with. What a brilliant gift for a toddler.


A great tunnel to use inside and outdoors. This is an adventurous gift to give. It is inviting with a colourful design, providing sensory and coordination activities.

If you have a ball pit with a flap, this is great fun to attach for your child to enjoy getting in and out of it. Overall, this is a perfect gift idea for your child’s first birthday.

Ball Pit

This ball pit is ideal, it pops up and is easy to fold away after use. It is large and brightly coloured.

A ball pit makes a great gift for developing your child’s independence ans coordination.

Pull and Sing Puppy

What a cute toy, which was one of the best presents. Everything about this puppy is intriguing for my 1 year old. The buttons stand out and invite a lot of interaction, alongside the pull feature.

This puppy is very interactive and it’s features help promote motor skill development.

Sensory books

What a wonderful book which provides a great sensory experience.

There are lots of textures to feel, the story keeps interest and grabs the attention of my 1 year olds very well.

Thank you so much for reading and all the best with buying gifts!


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