11 Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

If you are like me, you can’t relax when your house is upside down. If the house is all cluttered you feel stressed. It isn’t surprising that studies have linked clutter to feeling anxious.

Although everyone is different in how they feel about living among clutter and things being dirty. There is no denying that mess and clutter can lead to increased stress. It can be hard to concentrate, when the mind is cluttered due to stress.

When filth builds up, so does germs which can lead to illness. Overall mess, disorganisation and clutter really does impact our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Living amongst disorganisation is nerve wracking, leaving you stressed after searching for items more often than necessary. When everything does not have a designated place, items end up anywhere one day from the next, this can have such a negative impact on life.

Check out 11 Cleaning tips to help refresh your surroundings and your mind.

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1. Clear items

Always carry an item to put away, when leaving a room or going up or downstairs.

2. Organise Laundry

Organise laundry how it best works for you and your family. It may work having laundry baskets in each bedroom so you, your partner and kids can pop clothes straight in. Or one laundry basket so you have all clothes in one place. This may be particularly helpful if you have lots of stairs, so getting a load of washing together is a lot of work. Making it easier to skip putting on a wash all together.

It may be more practical for you to carry items and pop them straight into the washing machine, when you get a chance to. This may be useful particularly if you have a baby, that you carry most of the time, so you struggle to ever simply get clothes together from your laundry basket and into the wash when alone.

3. Upgrade your mop.

I never found a convenient time to mop because while my daughter is toddling around, it is hassle to simply get the water and everything into the mop bucket. Then the floor would stay wet for way too long!

When your baby is weaning and you need to mop more often, a mop and bucket can feel a burden. Everything changed when I got the flash mop. I love that you attach the wipes to the mop and then you can quickly use it.

The results are amazing, the room quickly smells fresh and the floor instantly looks Wow! Plus it dry’s way quicker than the traditional mop. Life saver!

If you need to mop not long before your baby will be playing on the floor, it works putting kitchen roll doubled up on instead of the wipes. It can be sprayed with your usual toxic free spray, a dab of water or used dry depending on what you need to mop.

It is so useful to have wipes in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, so you can quickly refresh surfaces.

4. Keep wipes around the house

If you have a baby and always have them with you while your partner works, baby wipes can be a useful and non toxic way to rub areas down when you get a moment.

5. Find your power products

I love Method products because they are not toxic and plant based. Method products smell amazing and they work wonders. The surface cleaners are great to use around the house in general.

I am amazed by how the mint glass spray works its wonders, on mirror and shiny surfaces such as the cooker.

If you want to be impressed definitely give these products a try. Even the Peach & Pink Pepper washing up liquid smells divine and lasts a decent amount of time. All I can say is Wow! If you find and embrace your go to products, trust me you will actually find cleaning satisfying.

6. Declutter

Declutter in the best way. Pretty much everyone has stuff that they no longer want, need or use. When the home is more decluttered, you will feel a weight of your shoulders. There are so many declutter methods out there, only do what works for your family. Decide on what you use, want and will dispose of or donate together. This will be empowering, plus everyone is more likely to contribute to this moving forwards.

Decluttering equals less stuff, which means less mess! Yay!

7. Keep on top of Dishes

Unload the dishwasher every morning and evening if you can. Refill the dishwasher throughout the day, rather than leaving them out, to prevent a pile.

Wash any items that will save on the load, so you can use them again.

I try to wash my daughters weaning plate and spoons after she’s finished, so I can reuse them that day rather than accumulating a weaning dirty pile. I find it particularly handy when it’s just me and my daughter.

8. Clean when you have pockets of time.

Unload or load the dishwasher, while you are waiting for the kettle to boil. Wipe surfaces and cupboards while food is cooking.

9. Keep less things out on windowsills, tables and shelves.

The less you have on show, the more tidy the home will look. Less stuff out, results in less dust accumulating.

10. Leave a lasting scent

Whether you like to use fragrant candles, essential oils in a diffuser or your favourite room spray, releasing a nice fragrance that you like will create that zen feeling. After having a sparkling clean home, the cherry on top is also the lush aroma.

Fresh Scent tips.

Sprinkle bins with (fragrant powder)

I like to use a spray designed to use after changing your baby to safely freshen the air.

Once your baby is weaning and does dirty nappies, trust me this sprays help fast.

Add scented bags to clothing drawers.

Put food bins out when they are nearly half full or less (depending on how smelly they are getting).

11. Set achievable tasks

Before bed try to think about up to three things you need to get done the next day, it will help you to keep on top of the things. Tackling things that were on your mind from the day before, will go a long way. By the end of the week you will have a lot of small wins. I have found this habit the most useful.

I manage to focus on the main things I need to get done, then I actually do them. It is so hard to have a big to do list playing on your mind, let alone manage to switch off to sleep. Small manageable tasks are always the way!

Thanks for reading. If you have any cleaning tips, I would love to hear them.


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