Weaning Tips

Do you fancy some weaning tips to make your journey a smooth one? These are my top tips on having as little mess and as much fun as possible.

Weaning is such an exciting and memorable journey. Such laughter comes with seeing your little one’s face, when reacting to new flavours. There’s being kept busy with all that prep! Your jaw dropping seeing all the mess created.

Oh my! When it gets to 3 meals a day plus snacks, there doesn’t feel like there’s enough hours in a day!

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Embrace The Essentials

Enjoy getting all the feeding essentials that you need. There are so many adorable weaning bowls, but the main thing you need is suction items for your baby to eat out of. Even with suction items my baby tries to yank them from her highchair to throw. Investing in the strong suction equipment will get you through it!

I absolutely adore this crab weaning plate. It looks cute and suctions well.

It is so handy having a variety of weaning plates. I have 4 different weaning plates and 3 weaning bowls. Life became extra busy quickly with just one weaning plate yet 3 meals and snacks to prep. It’s no fun having to remember to wash it before the next feed. Never again!

Munchkin suction bowls are cute, colourful and have a nice strong suction. I like how they come as a set of three, there’s always enough bowls for whatever meals you plan to give.

Vital baby nourish spoons are my favourite. I like how they don’t always touch the floor when dropped, due to how they are shaped. My baby enjoyed feeding herself with these spoons from the first day she started weaning. So easy to grasp and hold.

Bib Your Baby

Bibado is certainly the best bib I have come across. It was recommended to me by friends, now I know why. I love how covering it is and I am amazed by how waterproof it stays. I have witnessed my daughter pour lots of water over herself and her clothes still remain dry underneath.

I also have these Yeelan Amazon bibs. They are handy so you have enough for when you are weaning your baby three times a day, while being budget friendly.

I like to put an absorbent bib under the weaning bib, so any water that trickles down my daughters neck and chin, isn’t likely to get under it.

I love these absorbent bibs because they cushion close to your baby’s neck more than any other bib I have ever come across.

Store Smart

It’s good to get freezable containers with separate pots, for any shop bought leftover baby food you want to freeze.

I also find these containers handy for food I cook, that doesn’t fill a whole freezer weaning tray.

Cook once and use again

If I cook and prepare Chicken or Turkey for my daughter, I like to store it in the fridge to use it cold the next day. Even though I have a thermometer, reheating meats feels too risky. Refrigerating anything to use again like poultry or fish (like tuna), sure does save time.

These stackable baby storage containers are great for storing left overs. I also like using them to warm food in a bowl of hot water. They are just so cute!

Get Inspired

When your a Mom, life can be too busy to think up super creative yet nutritionally balanced meals. Using weaning books will give you lots of inspiration for all of the possibilities on what you can prepare.

What Mummy Makes is a wonderful book. It has mouth watering pictures of the recipes it contains. I am so glad it has recipes, for both Mom and baby to enjoy the same things.

Ella’s kitchen is informative. I like that it suits Moms like me who are scared of doing the full on baby led weaning.

It gives recipes and information on how to gradually introduce your baby to the various food textures.

Distracting baby to clean

My daughter would get super fussy whenever I tried cleaning her. I would find it stressful to hear and see her being so unsettled. Now things are different. To clean my daughter after weaning I let her look in a mirror while wiping hands and face. It is brilliant how it becomes more like a fun game. These days my daughter and I giggle while I clean her. Yay!

Another tip that helps is to place a small container with lukewarm water in for your baby to rinse their hands.

Again my daughter sees this as a fun game.

Be Organised

When I started weaning I spent too much time hunting down the weaning spoons, food ingredients and cups. It was chaos and made weaning more stressful than it needed to be. Although I have a baby who sleeps on me and is extra clingy, I managed to organise the baby’s cupboard section as well as kitchen ingredients, I use to make meals. This has made all of the difference!

Pace Yourselves

Take it at yours and your baby’s pace. Social media has made weaning look effortless. Like every baby can jump into having complex finger foods. Every baby is different and that’s ok. Do what you are comfortable with and what works for your baby. You have got this!

Choose The Best Place

If you are worried about preparing, weaning and cleaning up while your partner is at work, do weaning in the kitchen. Being near the tap is so handy. Especially as babies will likely throw spoons again and again and again. It will also be easy for you to enjoy a hot drink while you feed your little bundle of joy. You deserve it!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear what you think. Do you have any tips to share?

Take care x


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